What is Safety Compliance worth? Can you afford the penalties?

Affordable Pricing

A major goal of SFDS is to reduce the costs of your safety program with an affordable monthly subscription fee, SFDS will maintain your documents on our servers as long as you have an active account.

No Obligation Free Trial

Use our Safety Compliance System free for six months.

Construction Safety Compliance

General Contractor Fees
  • Monthly Access Fee: $250
Sub Contractor Fees
  • Monthly Access Fee: $50
  • Monthly Fee/Tablet: $12.50
  • Monthly Fee for Link to each General Contractor: $50
  • Your choice of over 20 forms
Discounts for companies needing more than 100 tablets

Advanced Options

Advanced project tracking available for multi-location facilities. Call for more information and pricing.

Contact us for a demo

Email: info@safetyfirstdata.com
Phone: 734-396-9129
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