1. Can I save reports to my own system?
    Yes, you can download and save any report as a PDF file. All reports are permanently stored on our secure server and are accessible at any time to view or download.
  2. Do your reports go to both the GC and Sub Contractor's office?
    If the Sub Contractor links a job to a GC project, the GC will automatically receive all reports for that job. You will no longer need to email or deliver reports to the GC.
  3. Is an Internet connection required to view reports on the tablets?
    No. All reports for active jobs, as well as all other safety documents, are stored in the tablet and can be viewed at any time with no need for an Internet connection. An Internet connection is required periodically to sync the tablet with the SCA server to update reports and other documents.
  4. What is a safety manual and is it really required?
    MiOSHA R408.40114 Employer Responsibilities, Accident Prevention Program. Rule 114 requires that a copy of your company's Accident Prevention Program manual be available at the worksite at all times. This is a document that details all the safety procedures your employees are required to follow. MiOSHA can impose significant penalties for failure to have a suitable safety manual.
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